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The American Psychological Association academic writing style (APA writing style) is specifically used in making references within the social sciences. The styles’ stipulations are contained in the latest version of the styles’ manual of the sixth edition. The general guidelines of an APA style paper that the paper be entirely double-spaced, and typed with a 12 point font in Times New Roman. The general format of the paper should have an all round one inch margin on all pages of the APA style paper.  The paper used on an APA style paper should have 11 by 8.5 inches in size. The paper should have an inclusion of headers that should be flushed right.

The general content format usually has four general sections, but this may vary depending on what content the author of the APA style paper would like to include. The four sections are the abstract, title page, main body of the paper and references of used sources.  The title page holds the title to the paper and all subsequent pages in the APA style paper should contain a running head insertion.  The title page of an APA style paper should have the names of the author, date, institution, course and title of the work.  Titles of profession or social status should be excluded and names plainly stated.

APA style papers make use of in-text citations that contain parenthetical citations which hold the name/s of the author/s and the date of publication or production of the work.  Only the author/s’ last names should be applied and the date. The inclusion of page numbers in such an in-text citation is not required. However, when making direct quotes enclosed within quotations marks it may be necessary to include the page numbers. 

Titles of longer works mentioned within an APA style paper should be italicized. The use of in-text citations should occur at the end of a sentence or at its start. The in-text citations at the onset of a sentence should be given an introductory statement before inclusion.  The format of entering a parenthetical in-text citation appears as follow; (Jackson, 1923)-note that there is always a comma that separates the author/s last name and date of publication. APA style papers with three or less authors may have all their names included in the citation, however; when the authors exceed three, then there has to be some form of shortening by the use of an abbreviation that indicates that there are more than three authors.

In this case the citation is made as follows; (James et al. 1989)-et al denotes “and the rest.” In cases where the author to a particular source is unknown then the abbreviation ‘Anon’ is used to denote anonymous.  Similarly, if a source’s date of publication or production is unknown then the abbreviation ‘n.d’ is used to denote “no date” on the source is available.

The in-text citations should be accompanied by a full reference of each entry at the end of the paper under the reference or bibliographic section, where details on each source are offered comprehensively. The details on each reference should detail the date and place of publication, name of author/s, title and at times the pages cited. The list of references should be ordered in an alphabetical order within all APA style papers.  For more comprehensive guidelines one can visit any library and seek the sixth edition of APA guidelines which has the full guidelines for reference.

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