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Article critique writing is a writing technique that involves analyzing, summary and evaluation of an article. Article critique involves the inclusion of one’s own reflection at the end of the writing and summarizing of the article. Article critique involves the writing of the overall assessment of an article. In many instances students may be assigned to find some articles that are related to the course they are undertaking and conduct article critique writing. There are several tips and guidelines towards the writing of an effective article critique. The first step to article critique writing involves the reading of the article so as to comprehend what is being discussed in it. 

It is impossible for a student to claim that he/she can write an article critique if he/she cannot even comprehend the content of the article.  As you go through the article annotate the main ideas that have been discussed in each of the segments that you have read. Take not of the main points of the article as well as the writer’s main idea. In any article there is the aim and purpose of writing the article. This should be found at the introduction of the segment. The ideas of the article are written in each paragraph. It is important that the student determines each of the main points that have been discussed before beginning the task of article critique writing.

One all the information on the article has been gathered, the task of actual article critique writing begins. The first step will be to determine the name of the author, the title of the article and the author’s thesis statement. Determine the main reason for the author embarking on the writing of the article. These three very important parts are written in the introductory segment of the article critique writing. They are most essential parts of the article critique writing as they ion from the readers early enough of the information that will be discussed in the article critique.

The next segment is the summary. The author’s main idea and intent of writing the article are clearly and chronologically indicated in the article critique writing. In case there is data that have been used in support of the ideas that the article writer has tried to put across it is important to indicate so.Once the summary of the article has been indicated, it is important to now evaluate the credential the author has in relation to the information that he has given in his article. Article critique writing involves giving justification as to whether the writer of the article is in a position to effectively discuss the information and ideas that he has presented in his article.

The conclusion is the final segment of the article critique writing. The conclusion gives a wrap of the information that has been covered in the article. It is important to take a stand and determine whether you have supported the author’s ideas or oppose them. If in opposition, it is important to indicate your reasons.Most students prefer to have the task of article critique writing to be mentally demanding and would prefer to seek the writing services of online writing companies. We are such accompany, other than offering guidelines to effective writing of article critique writing, we do actual article critique writing for clients in need of these services.

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