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Book reports are similar to book reviews although book reports seem to be slightly more descriptive. They give more about a book and the major concepts put across by the author. Book reviews on the other hand are more persuasive compared to book reports. Both of them give a combination of commentary and summary of the books. It is essential for students to think more intensively about a book read when writing book reports papers. This is necessary so that they can clearly demonstrate their level of understanding in the writing assignments.

There are various parts of book reports papers that are worth noting. Those parts will be examined below. The first section is the introduction where a write gives basic information concerning a book. Some of the aspects to include are the title of the book, author, and publication details as well as a short review of the book.

The section that follows the introduction of book reports papers is the body. The body contains two major sections. The first section seeks to explain more about a book. On the other hand, the second section gives the opinion of the writer and states how successful the book is. Book reports papers can be categorized into reports of non-fiction books and reports of fiction books. Both of the reports have some differences. A similarity between the two types of book reports papers is the fact that they begin by giving an explanation of the author’s main purpose of writing the book as well as presenting the major themes in the book.

Another section that is worth noting is evaluation and analysis. In this section of book reports papers, the writer critiques or analyzes the book. Writing personal opinion in this section is also acceptable. The final part of book reports papers is the conclusion. This section gives a brief summary of the writer’s collective thoughts. This may entail the impression that the book left the writer with or give an emphasis of what the reader should know and remember about the book. It is essential for students to master the four mentioned sections of book reports papers.

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