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An essay is generally any piece of short literary work mostly written for the purpose of assessment within academia. At times essays are also written for creative and leisure purposes under which there is no strict observance of writing rules.Essays are a big preference in assessment among higher institutions of learning under informal and continuous assessments because they are brief and easy to assign and score when compared to other forms of assessments. They offer lecturers an easy mode of monitoring the understanding that their students portray in the concepts taught in class and they form a significant portion of score that a student acquires at the end of the learning session in any course or unit of study. Graduate essays are essays that are written at the graduate level for the sake of assessment and they form an important basis for evaluating graduate students.

Graduate essays differ significantly with essays written at the K-12 level or essays written for leisurely purposes. The major differences originate from the fact that essays written at the graduate level have to adhere to specific guidelines that stipulate the basics of writing graduate essays and these dictate writing format, mechanics and the relevant academic writing styles applicable according to the instructions issued in the assignment’s specifications.  Graduate essays require the observance of strict rules of referencing and as such substantiation of work at the graduate level is more essential. This is important because it helps in making the work relevant and sound because of the support that the evidence offers to the work’s claims or content.

Essay writing has to include various basic sections and content that is basic to essays at this level.  The first section of graduate essay is usually the abstract section which constitutes of the whole documents summary. It is akin to a summary of the whole document and it briefly tells about whatever will be handled within the essay.  This is a very important section for the readers that may simply wish to have a look at the whole document in a very brief manner that requires no deep elaboration.  This section of the graduate essay should be followed by an introductory section.

The introduction of the essay highlights the essay’s topic of discussion in a brief manner that simply states whatever is specifically under consideration in the graduate essay. The introductory section is then followed by a literature review that highlights all the relevant material and its content. The review covers content from the past that is closely related to the topic under discussion.  The literature review section in the essay is followed by the main body of the graduate essay which tells about the content of the essay in an in-depth manner.

The in-depth analysis of the topic under discussion in the graduate essay takes place within the main body of the essay. This is where the research questions or hypothesis postulated in the thesis section at the end of the introduction is discussed. After the main body of the graduate essay is the conclusion section which gives a conclusive summary of the work, by highlighting the significance and implications of what is discussed within the graduate essay. Finally, the whole essay is concluded with a reference section that outlines all the used resources.

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