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Essays constitute brief assignments written in prose format for the s sake of evaluation. The writing of essays occurs under various circumstances and for various reasons, the major one being the evaluation of progress in learning. The essay writing activities may also be aimed at familiarizing the involved with various aspects of the writing field. Proficiency in writing can only be developed through one means, and this is only possible through engagement of individuals in writing exercises which help familiarize individuals with writing processes.

Essay writing may also be simply an informative activity through which various parties can informally share information. For example an essay written for students to read and learn about the facts on HIV/AIDS may be categorized as an informal form of essay. Whereas, all essay writing activities carried out by students for the sake of evaluation may be regarded as formal essay writing activities which produce formal essay pieces.

Informal essay writing is informal by virtue of the fact that it is not written for any evaluative purpose, but may rather be written for the sake of information dissemination or simply as a past time activity conducted for the sake of enjoyment. Writers of essays meant to be used as a form of educative material rather than evaluation may be regarded as informal writers that write informal purposes, because these are not targeted for publication. 

The major difference in writing a formal and an informal essay lies in the fact that informal essay writing does not adhere strictly to academic writing rules and as such it is conducted as some form of informal writing which loosely adheres to the rules of writing. For example there are no strict stipulations on the making of citations and references to other works within the context of the paper and this may not be necessary at all. As such informal essay writing mostly involves the use of fiction and unsubstantiated facts and may thus be compared to the writing of high school compositions.

The writing of informal essays may also be found within some publications which are not official such as comic magazines and newspaper sections that carry opinion sections. The stories or opinions held within some publications such as comic magazines and newspaper sections that carry personal opinions in letters addressed to the editor for general readership constitute content that may be termed as informal and this makes up informal essay writing.

Many at times most informal essay writing activities are presumed to be done for the sake of enjoyment or polishing one’s writing skills. However, this is not entirely true because the essays may also be used as an informative tool for people that may be interested in reading issues that it highlights. Some times the reading of informal essays is meant to simply act as a source of fun for the readers, and this is mostly the case when the informal essay writing is of a fictitious nature.  

The main purpose of essay writing may be simply as a means of self expression to the public and a way to air one’s ideas and express their writing ability. Our firm is responsible for the customization of thousands of samples of informal essays for a large number of students and our writers have great experience in the writing of informal essays developed over a decade.

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