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Lab report writing is a common form or assignment especially for students in the scientific fields. Such academic fields include biology, zoology, anatomy, medicine, chemistry and physics amongst others. After any experiment, students in any of the scientific disciplines are required to submit their lab report papers which should contain details of the completed lab experiment. It is therefore true to say that lab report writing is a form of scientific papers and so scientific writing standards must apply. The following is a custom procedure for lab report writing intended to guarantee science students the best results and a brighter future in their career.

First and foremost, lab report writing must contain an abstract. In this section, the article is summarized and important results outlined for the purpose of familiarizing the audience on the content to expect. After the abstract is the introduction section in lab report writing. Here, the report must discuss the motivation of the research conducted and the summary of the completed experiment. This section contains more details as compared to the abstract as it also details the methods used in the experiment.

Lab report writing also requires the provision of the theoretical background of the experiment. With this section, mathematical and theoretical details are provided to enable the reader to have a deeper understanding of the works of experiment under discussion. It is also important in elaborating on the assumption made and how the experiment is related to the academic field requiring the lab report.

After provision of the background, the next step in lab report writing is to provide the design and procedure as used in the experiment. In this step of lab report writing, the apparatus are listed and fully described in accordance to purpose. The procedure as used in the experiment is also described with the steps following each other as they happened. This results to accurate results and logical flow of lab report writing information in the discussion section.

The fourth step in lab report writing is to analyze the data in the lab report writing analysis section. First, the method of analysis is described while reducing the collected data into small and manageable amounts. This means that data as collected in tables during the experiment are not provided in this section. Instead, they are represented. In the presentation phase of lab report writing data analysis results are presented in terms of graphs, or charts accompanied by calculations in full.

In the graphs, independent and dependent variables are provided and their relationship explained. After presenting results, the discussion of the results and suggestions for any future improvements on the lab report writing process are provided. Depending on the lab experiment questions, the lab report writing process at this point should provide details of the expected relationship between variables and their consistency with the predicted results. Consistency between the two should be checked for graph linearity.

During the writing of lab report, the uncertainty of any given experiment must also be provided and meaningful conclusions drawn from detailed calculations. At this point, one can provide for future directions in carrying out the same experiment. Finally, the conclusion of the report is provided based on the findings. This is therefore as summary of the results as depicted in analysis section. The relevance of the results to the experiment questions must also be fully provided.

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