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Writing at higher institutions of learning requires strict adherence to academic writing styles that mainly define referencing and formatting of most academic work. The different academic writing styles vary according to the subject that is under highlight. For example a science paper or essay may be very different compared to an academic paper written in history. Similarly, each referencing style has a different manner in which its references are cited and incorporated within the work.

All writing styles require application of appropriate writing mechanics such as observance of typographic errors, appropriate sentence structure, proper spelling and punctuation. This paper evaluates the application of the Oxford writing style that is mostly applied in the study of humanities and arts. The style has specific guidelines that dictate how Oxford style papers should be written. Oxford style papers basically make use of in-text citations made in note forms which are represented by superscript numbers in Roman or Arabic numerals.

The numbers usually placed at the end of the sentences usually denote a certain reference which can be fully reviewed within the Oxford style paper either at the end of the page where the reference is located or at the end of the document. Notes paced at the end of each page are  referred to as foot notes and these are easier to refer to because they just occur at the end of each page. On  the other hand, notes that occur at the end of the document are referred to as end-notes. These d o not offer an easy way of referencing because one has to scroll all the way to the end of the document in order to check a reference.

Occasionally, there is some flexibility allowed and the author of an Oxford style paper may be allowed to use in-text citations placed within parentheses. However, it has to be noted that the two styles may not be allowed within one academic paper. Therefore, a choice has to be made before one can engage in the activity of writing. Referencing in Oxford style papers is not complete without the inclusion of bibliographic references at the end of the document. This is especially necessary when the end notes or foot notes used do not have full required information on the reference.

The inclusion of foot notes may only take into consideration page numbers and the name of the tutor or year of publication without including all other details. The numerical superscript markers used on an Oxford style paper should be applied whenever a direct quote is made or whenever content is paraphrased. Like other writing styles too the quotes should be limited in size to a word count that does not exceed forty. The inclusion of side comments in Oxford style papers may also follow the use of foot notes or end notes.  

The bibliographic section of an Oxford style paper contains the full reference details which include the author/s’ full names, date of publication of used resource, title of publication or production (in case of movies) and place of publication. The bibliographic section holds all there references ordered in an alphabetical manner.

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