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Personal statement writing is perhaps one of the tasks that any student that has gotten to college or university has had to do at some point. We are many at times so much concerned about the life of others and events around us, that we even forget about ourselves. Many at times most people find it difficult to express themselves and explain who they really are because many of us are oblivious of their personality and inner self which happens to be our personal drive.

The challenging thing about writing about oneself is that as a person it is always difficult to interpret our personality because we find it difficult to step out of our lives and look at ourselves objectively. Personal statement writing is also a challenge because one has to incorporate both creativity as well as reality, however; the creativity should not span out of limits because a personal statement is supposed to highlight real life personal issues.

Prior to starting personal statement writing one should consider the course that she/he will take in college. This is very important in personal statement writing because your personality has to portray the kind of profession that you would like to take. The personal statement has to portray personal characteristics that portray your ability to take on the course of choice. Prior to the writing of the personal statement there are various things that an individual has to do. Firstly, you have to ask yourself why you are writing the personal statement-what do you aim at? Thereafter, make some notes on what to put down before the start.

The notes should include why you would like to take the chosen course. It is also important to read personal statements written by other people in order to get a general idea on how personal statement writing is done. You should also create a mental picture of how you would like to make your personal statement to appear. This includes planning the layout and flow of facts that you would like to put down.

The application forms of entry only require a few details such as grades attained, names, contact address and many more of which you do not have control over. However, the personal statement offers you control over the information that you would like to present to the board in charge of the selection process and this offers you a chance to secure a slot by convincing the board that you are suited for the course.

However, when doing personal statement writing avoid making excessive exaggerations which may sound out of place because these may discredit your personal statement. Remember there is no interview and the personal statement writing is the only chance to prove oneself even though your grades may be low. When making application to oversubscribed courses in universities there is a high likelihood that there may be many other people with better grades than you and therefore, the only way to stand out is through your personal statement writing.

In order to increase one’s chances of selection there is a need to show personal characteristics and achievements in personal statement writing which you may have made which are relevant to the course that you intend to take. This will help in portraying that you are fit to take the course that you may have selected. A clear explanation on why you intend to take the course should also be included in personal statement writing.

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