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A research proposal can be defined as a paper that gives a discussion of a research project program that has been proposed. It is important for the proposals to show the importance of the proposed research. Writing of a research proposal needs full preparation. It is vital for a writer to be conversant with the proposed research as well as have knowledge of the basic elements to consider in the process of carrying out the research.

An idea for the proposal should be developed and determined whether the same idea had been previously presented. The essence of this step is for a writer to have knowledge on how the problem can be approached. For example, if a writer has knowledge that a given idea has been previously presented, he or she will know the means to use in order to give the idea a new meaning or make improvements to the existing idea.

One of the key elements of a good research proposal is a catchy title that should give a reader the urge to read the rest of the proposal. In order to make sure that the title is comprehensive, it should be concise and concrete. Another element of a research proposal is an abstract, which serves the role of summarizing the goals of the proposal. The abstract contains the research problem, methods used to collect data, anticipated results and research findings. An introduction to the research proposals follows the title and the abstract.

A good introduction presents background information concerning the research in order to enable readers have an idea of what the proposal is about. A good introduction should be able to capture reader’s attention and give them the urge to continue reading the rest of the research proposal. A resource review should also be included in a research proposal. This review helps in showing that the writer has an in-depth knowledge of the topic under study. It also shows that a writer has carried out a thorough preliminary study concerning the problem, and identified the strengths and limitation of the study.

The body of a research proposal should have a free flow of ideas and clearly state the sole purpose of coming up with the proposal. The body should also highlight the time and costs that will be met in carrying out the research study. The research proposal structure should clearly guide a reader through the key points. Additionally, it is essential to make use of a comprehensive and simple language when writing a research proposal.

In order to enhance the reader’s attention and concentration span, it is recommendable to write a research proposal using the active voice. To portray dedication to the research project, it is essential for a writer to present the research proposal with enthusiasm. Finally, it is advisable to revise and proofread the final copy of the research proposal. This not only helps in correcting language and grammar mistakes, but it also helps to ensure that justifiable content is presented in the proposal.

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