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Students write different types of essays. For example, students write business essays, law essays and other types of essays. Writing student essay is difficulty for most students. The students face numerous challenges when writing student essay. First, students  find  it  hard  to  write  students  essay  because they do not  have the  right  skills. Students are supposed to have a wide range of skills. For example, students should have research skills and writing skills. The kind of skills students have determine the type of student essay they write.

Students  who  have  good  writing  skills  and  research skills  write  good  papers. On the other hand, students who do not have good skills write papers that are of low quality. So, students should have the right skills so as to be able to perform well. Moreover, students are supposed to have enough time so as to be able to write quality student essay. Most of the students do not have adequate time to prepare their essays and hence write poor quality essays. The students have to combine studies and other activities. A large percentage of part time students are either working or taking care of their families.

The students have to perform well like other students, but they do not have time to prepare their essays and thus perform poorly.  In addition, students  are not  able  to  write  student  essays  according to the  steps provided  by  the instructors. This also affects their performance as they perform poorly.  Additionally, the students are not able to use the right writing styles when writing student essay. Students should follow the steps listed below when writing student essay. First, students should select the topic of the student essay. The topic selected by the student depends on the course being pursued. So, students  should  ensure  the  topic chosen is related  to  their  field  of  study. This will ensure the students are able to perform well. 

Students should be careful when choosing a topic for the student essay. They should choose a topic that they are familiar with. Choosing a new topic can affect the quality of the student essay. This is because the student is not able to expound the topic well. On the other hand, choosing a topic that one is familiar with makes it easy for students to give a detailed explanation of the topic. This is because they are able to gather the right materials to support the student essay.

 Apart from selecting a subject of study, the students should develop a thesis statement for the student essay. The thesis statement selected should be clear and short. Having a long thesis statement affects the quality of the student essay. This in turn makes it hard for the reader to understand the content of the paper. The thesis statement should be placed at the end of the first paragraph if the paper does not have an introductory paragraph.  In addition, the thesis statement can be placed in the introduction section of the student essay. Placing the statement there makes it easy for reader to understand the student essays.

 Further, the students should develop the introduction. The introduction of the essay should be detailed. It should provide an overview of the content of the student essay. After writing the introduction the student should write the body and conclusion.

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